Sector Evolution

Supporting Nonprofits as the HIV Sector Evolves

In 2013, the Washington AIDS Partnership embarked on a new initiative focused on the profound changes occurring in the HIV sector. Historically, the HIV sector has been very “silo-ed,” with little integration into the broader health care system. Federal and state HIV funding began shifting focus to HIV testing and treatment from behavior change prevention efforts, the cornerstone of many local HIV-focused organizations. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) fast-tracked the integration of HIV in the health care system. Some HIV service providers broadened their scope and changed their operating models, while others ceased operations. These changes have had a profound effect on the region’s nonprofit community, people at risk for and living with HIV, and the broader health care system.

The Partnership’s Sector Evolution initiative focused on three strategies:

  1. Targeted convenings and trainings for HIV service and medical providers to increase knowledge and understanding of  changes to the service system and how they need to evolve;
  2. Strategic restructuring grants to local HIV service and medical providers to help them re-envision how they partner, serve their clients, and improve HIV and other health-related outcomes; and
  3. Advocacy and community engagement to hold the D.C. government accountable for effective ACA implementation and communication with local stakeholders.

The Partnership and its partner, the Institute for Public Health Innovation, hosted a variety of trainings and convenings in 2013 and 2014 on health care reform and D.C.’s implementation, forging successful partnerships between community-based organizations and medical providers, HIPAA compliance, insurance billing, and other issues.

The Partnership’s Sector Evolution grantmaking focused on supporting key medical and service providers to address sustainability and capacity issues, including policy dilemmas such as the regulatory and economic feasibility of becoming eligible for Medicaid reimbursement, new business models and partnerships, and strategic planning for the HIV sector’s new reality. The Partnership awarded $358,000 to support this important work.

The Partnership partnered with DC Appleseed Center, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening D.C.’s financial health and management, for advocacy and community engagement efforts around Sector Evolution. DC Appleseed analyzed the D.C. government’s progress in terms of effective ACA implementation as it relates to HIV through DC Appleseed’s HIV/AIDS in the Nation’s Capital Report Card. Please see the Partnership’s Public Policy Initiatives web page for more information.