Medical Morale

Caring for the Care-Givers

Staff from N Street Village, a Washington AIDS Partnership Medical Morale grantee

Staff from N Street Village, a Washington AIDS Partnership Medical Morale grantee

The Washington AIDS Partnership’s Medical Morale initiative, supported by Prince Charitable Trusts, is designed to improve the morale of hospital personnel, community-based clinical personnel, and staff of nonprofits that provide some type of medical service and serve vulnerable populations at risk for and/or living with HIV. Poor morale among health care providers serving vulnerable populations is a significant problem, resulting in high staff turnover and lower quality patient care. The initiative focuses on the human and organizational factors affecting the morale of care-giving employees.

The Partnership has funded projects ranging in design, from those that focus on self care to communication strategies, stress reduction, and team building. An important part of morale is making sure staff is adequately prepared to provide services and feels valued and supported. Because of this, medical morale grants also support career development, whether through online courses, certifications, or attendance at workshops and conferences. Another crucial component of the Partnership’s medical morale grantmaking is ensuring that projects are driven by staff-identified needs as staff is the primary target population. The secondary, more long-term target population is the HIV-positive clients who will benefit from the outcomes of medical morale grants such as improved staff retention and team dynamics, and strengthened communication and management practices.